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I don't think it's been mentioned yet, but they also ask for a list of your previous addresses within the last 5 years, if you've lived in your current home less than 5 years. It's under the "most common reasons for denial" section of the PDF from the Fairfax circuit court that covers the application process. Supposedly it helps expedite the background check. Don't know if the address list requirement is unique to Fairfax or not. I guess some counties may do things differently- for example I was not asked to raise my right hand and swear anything like RussP did.

I filed my app at the Fairfax court on Tuesday morning (9/11). The courthouse seemed pretty busy but there was no line at the civil intake counter. When I whipped out the Visa to pay the $50, the clerk noticed my alma mater's university logo on my credit card and we BS'ed a bit about college sports while he shuffled the papers. It was fairly hassle-free except for the waiting outside in the rain to get through the security line. First time VA applicant after moving here from Seattle a couple months ago, so we'll see how long it takes them to process it. I expect they'll take their sweet time, but it doesn't much matter since I already have carry priveleges here with my WA permit.

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