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The last several posts have started to add some great information to this post. Several mention carrying G29s for bear. The 10mm is a minimal round for black bear only. A 12 guage shotgun is better but you are not going to carry that from the sounds of things. The 10mm would me worthless for Grizzly. Black bears will generally get out of your way before you know they are there. They still do have the potential to really mess you up. The tendons that control their claws are as thick as your finger. The muscles are even bigger. You do not want to get between a momma bear and her cubs. You also do not want to eat all of a bear's huckleberries. This last week I was in Idaho near Deadwood reservior. My wife, mother in law, and I were picking huckleberries in a very remote patch. My wife and I heard an odd sound that I thought was two trees bumping together with the wind. I dismissed it as that and we went on picking. As we were getting ready to leave we heard what we thought was an elk above us moving through the trees. It sounded like branches snapping but moreso than you would normally hear. I looked closely for the elk to appear over the crest of the hill. We then heard the growl that a bear makes when it swings its head from side to side. It was clear as can be. I did not actually see the bear but I could not mistake the growl. I found out later that the popping was the bear chomping its teeth together. I had my G20 with me and I put myself between the bear and the ladies and we quickly left the area. The bear did not want to approach us but also did not want us in its huckleberry patch. We were glad to comply when we knew it was there. I think that normally that bear would have cleared out quickly hearing us talking but it wanted to protect its dinner and so let us know that it was not pleased. I felt that the G20 would help in the situation but would have preferred my brother in law's 450 Marlin that we had shot earlier. Sorry about the length of this post.
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