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Tell me again...

that *all* Norfolk cops are tops, Steve. Take a look at the transcript of the incident with Dan Moore. At the end the two cops are talking amongst themselves:

LEO 1 – I just needed him to cuss at me so I can hit him, I just wanted him to do something.

LEO 2 – ….again, even if you pull up in a traffic stop and you can’t see it, concealed.

LEO 1- Yeah, I know. Let’s say he’s sitting in the car like that and you walk up to the window and you can’t see it, concealed.

LEO 2- (unable to translate)

LEO 1 - ….when you walked away he started talking to me, asking questions…he a ****ing idiot, he’s stupid, he ****ing sits there and say “I just listened to the police scanner”…and that’s all it is.

LEO 1 & 2 wrap out their conversation and leave.
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