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Re: Tell me again...

when I first joined the NRA in 1981, to be pro-second ammendment was to be pro-cop.

You can't even see the contempt your crowd has for law enforcement.

I believe the police acted with great restraint considering this street stooge's provocative words and nasty attitude. Everybody should read the whole transcript and see for themselves.

Keep up the meretricious political street theater and we'll never see the restaurant ban lifted. Disgusting.

As our good officer said: "I don’t care…you wanted the attention, you got it." Your busker wanted to provoke our police but they wouldn't take the bait. God bless them.

I was wrong Norfolk cops aren't just the tops: Norfolk cops are the best.

Originally posted by PVanCleave
that *all* Norfolk cops are tops, Steve. Take a look at the transcript of the incident with Dan Moore. At the end the two cops are talking amongst themselves:

LEO 1 – I just needed him to cuss at me so I can hit him, I just wanted him to do something.

LEO 2 – ….again, even if you pull up in a traffic stop and you can’t see it, concealed.

LEO 1- Yeah, I know. Let’s say he’s sitting in the car like that and you walk up to the window and you can’t see it, concealed.

LEO 2- (unable to translate)

LEO 1 - ….when you walked away he started talking to me, asking questions…he a ****ing idiot, he’s stupid, he ****ing sits there and say “I just listened to the police scanner”…and that’s all it is.

LEO 1 & 2 wrap out their conversation and leave.
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