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Did you go over to the other forum and read the entire transcript of the event?

You might want to.

We understand you totally and unquestionably support the NPD. I support my local PD, but am carefull when dealing, or meeting an officer for the first time.

They don't know me personally. I don't know them.

However, and I've never had this experience, if an officer challenged my right to carry where and in a manner that is not illegal in The Commonwealth, we would talk for a moment. If the officer and I were still not in agreement, I'd ask for a SGT or LT.

I would also ask to call one of their fellow officers as a reference.

Steve, my perception of VCDL is that the organization monitors the actions of ALL who might restrict our Right to Carry, hamper that right, pass laws to negate the right, anything to prevent you, me, the families of Norfolk cops from carrying when and where lawful.

Oh, yes, family members of LEOs are as much in need of VCDL's help as you and me. If handgun carry is restricted, then the wives and children of police officers, deputies, Correctional Officers, they will all be affected.

So, before you question, condemn and damn VCDL's actions, ask Mr. Van Cleave about the effect of VCDL's actions on off-duty cops, LEO families...

You have a strong and to you well founded belief in the irrefutable integrity of the NPD.

Have you forwarded copies to your friends at NPD of any of the posts about them here on GT, or, or other forums where their behavior has been questioned by not only VCDL but ordinary members like you and me?

What are there opinions of the officers involved in the incidents?

Freedom has a taste to those who fight and almost die, that the protected will never know.

"Comment is free, but facts are sacred." C.P. Scott, 1921

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