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Autoloading 5"

Originally posted by zaksdad12
Missouri is an Iowa class Battleship.

Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin and New Jersey (which is close to me in Camden NJ on the Delaware River).

And aren't those 5 inchers auto-loading?

I went on the NJ and the forward Turret still has battle damage from Korea (the only serviceman killed in action on an Iowas class if I remember the tour correctly.).

NJ is an anchored museum now...I think the Missouri is a museum in Pearl. The other (2) are newest config and are in Virginia all environmentally sealed ready to go if needed.

please correct if I am off.
There is a historic preservation org that is trying to get BB-61 as a museum ship in Vallejo, CA

The twin 5"38-cal gun mounts were not auto-loading, but crew-served loading semi-fixed ammunition into the breeches. The projectile weighs 55 pounds, and the metal powder casing about 22 pounds.

I served as a projectile man in Mount 51 on USS Vogelgesang DD-862 with GMG1 Reginald Ziegler in 1979-80.

Autoloading 5-inch gun mounts didn't come around until the 5-inch 54-cal Mark 42 gun mount came out. It could fire up to 40 72-pound projectiles per minute.

The latest USN 5"54-cal gun mounts (Mark 45, I think) are unmanned mounts.

I have been aboard all four Iowa-class BBs.
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