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Re: Veterans Disarmament Act

Originally posted by recon3325

I emailed Barbara boxer. You should contact your senator and tell them to vote no.
Not sure when it gets voted on. Protect the rights of those who gave so much for their country.
While I'm personally (slightly) opposed to HR 2640 (The NICS improvement act, not the "Veterans Disarmament Act") it is only because I oppose anything that involves more record keepiong and information sharing in government. The article you linked to is complete nonsense. In fact, as I recall, 2640 would make it easier to get mental health adjudication expunged (something that is now impossible). It definitely would not "place any veteran who has ever been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on the federal gun ban list." "Anyone who is diagnosed as being a tiny danger to himself or others would have his gun rights taken away ..." - that's just not true. Complete BS article.
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