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One place that you'll want to keep in mind that might effect you is roadside rest stops. You can carry on the premises, but not into the building AKA bathrooms. So there's always McDonald's available to get the job done at, unless you're taking the turnpike.

Footnote on Aces: inform officer immediately AND keep hands on the steering wheel throughout the duration of the traffic stop. Ask for direction from the officer as to how he would like you to obtain your registration, license, etc. He can take possession of your firearm during the stop, but must return it at the end of the stop unless you're being arrested.

In the car, either carry the firearm holstered on your person, locked in a GLOVEBOX, in a container, box, etc that has a lid, which buckles, snaps or zips, in plain sight, or in a locked case that does not have to be in plain sight.

Otherwise, you should be good unless a business is posted. No restaurant carry if they serve alcohol.

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