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Originally posted by gary newport
In contrast, "[t]he damage and potential injury due to a barrel failure is quite different. Barrel failures are caused by gross overpressure. Obstructed barrels, double charges, deep-seated bullets and severe leading can be responsible for gross overpressurization."

He continues "Of the several dozen blown Glock barrels I have personally been involved with reviewed injury reports from, the worst injury besides soiled shorts and bruised confidences are blood blisters and a sprained finger here and there....[t]here was not one slide separation and not one grenaded chamber. I cannot say that for other blown guns I have examined. A blown Beretta or a blown 1911 can severely injure the shooter. The chambers on most other pistols are round on the exterior, so there is not a predictable failure location....Good engineering design incorporates predictable failure locations and modes. Glocks are very strong indeed. If I was forced to fire a double-charged or otherwise excess pressure round, I would choose a Glock to shoot it in every time."

Passamaneck has much more to say on the topic of this thread and I commend his chapter in the Robin Taylor book to your attention.

Bottom line: the generous chamber dimensions of Glocks, particularly in larger calibers, may make them more prone to case failures but DO NOT make them more prone to blowing up barrels! [/B]
I think this should be noted and consider as an important part of this read. I have yet to read this guys research or "confirm" it but it makes total since in my eyes (I got an A is physics). I have been really worried about reloads/Kb! issues/case failures.

one thing I have determined = KB DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING. ITS SHORT FOR KABOOM WHICH YOU SEE IN CARTOONS. It is a total failure to describe real problems with guns. Someone who obviously did not fully understand and evaluate problems(edit: major hince on problemS plural as in more than 1).

and Glock owners should no have fears. Just practice safe shooting and everything is ok.

This post was extremely helpful to me and I think a full read took me over a half hour.

another late edit: Sorry about my angst about "Kb" but I really feel like it only adds confusion. As someone who just became seriously interested in glocks I found this almost offensive. I did lots of research of reloads and this supposid kaboom. Forum searching before I figured out it was "Kb" I did not get much info.... anyways... why add such confusion? why cant we just say fire o-o-b, case failure, barrel failure, etc...?
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