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Thanks, Ox. I know that evidence in gun related crimes gets kept (basically forever).

But I believe that lots of other "recovered" guns get siphoned off and end up in private hands. Guns are confiscated, but the owner never charged, or pleads guilty to a lesser crime and the gun never gets returned.

I have known people who knew a sheriff or policeman and they could get you a gun cheap.

I also suspect that how it gets handled depends upon what city/county you are in.

And I wonder just how "public" (competitive) these auctions to FFL dealers are. Anybody we know who bids on these auctions? I read legal notices pretty closely and I have never seen a notice of such an auction.

Even when they sell them to an FFL, I suspect there is an inside deal to a friendly FFL guy.

Besides, some guns have to be in unserviceable condition and some are recovered stolen property.

Unless they get rid of some guns, they must have guns coming out of their ears. This story ran recently about the Jackson police. Seems there was "confusion" the first time they answered. They first reported 282 guns confiscated since 2002. Then they revised it to 5,017. That's a big difference:



On Monday, Jackson police released a revised list of firearms seized in the past five years. The new report is an increase over previous figures. JPD blamed the earlier report on confusion about a request from The Clarion-Ledger. Here are the new figures:

2002 - 1,072
2003 - 1,019
2004 - 722
2005 - 690
2006 - 854
2007* - 660
Total - 5,017

* Through Sept. 24

Source: JPD

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