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Taking CWP class 2 weeks from today..

I will be taking my cwp class two weeks from today... Its in anderson(2 1/2 hours from here) but worth it... The class is $80 but it includes everything I need for SC. and also they do the applications for Florida and another state.. with florida and the other state(cant rem I think New Hampshire)it adds 6 more states I can carry in.. I wont be buying a handgun till around my b-day (nov 26th) but the places rents them... I have shot many pistols before, so I shouldnt have a problem.. Its weird cause they do it once a month and it just so happens I have that saturday off not to mention I get paid the night before lol...

wish me luck.. what should I do to get ready? besides call the dmv to make sure I dont have alot of tickets lol

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