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Re: SC Troopers moving to the Glock .45?

Originally posted by Glockphobia
my father-in-law is an SC Trooper in Beaufort (17yrs), and he came to stay with me and the wife (not far from the police academy) for 2 days last tuesday. i asked him what he was learning this time and he said he was taking an glock armorers course because they (SC TROOPERS)were moving to the glock .45. i followed up with "oh yea, what model" he said "the 17 i think". with that response i fiqured, which i already new 1) hes NOT a glock and 2) he DID NOT pay attention in class!
His last name wouldn't happen to be Woods, would it? If so, I know his sons and I'm good friends with his nephew Roger.
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