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Originally posted by K. Foster
'Coons can be vicious when cornered. If you plan to let them go, have you figured out how you are going to do that.??
no worries, we deal with em all the time here. I'll cut the mainline and let the coon work his way out of the snare. The tension on the loop is the only thing that keeps the critter set anyway. Once you release the tension line the animal can get out. On a sidenote I used to have-a-heart trap em all the time for some of my customers when the critters got under their houses.

hank_rearden " and besides, using a piano wire snare will probably kill a coon. if you want it unharmed, you might as well use a one-way-door or dead-falling-box type of trap. i have a feeling local laws will also have a say "

Yeah I've allready spoken to our DFG guys and the SO regarding catching critters on my own property hank. They don't have any griefs with it as they don't want to deal with it.

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