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I bought an Optima 2000 and mounted it on my .45 Colt Blackhawk that I use for deer hunting. I loved it as I practiced with it all summer. It held up real good to the recoil of +P magnum hunting loads. But.... it uses an automatic brightness control. Our deer hunting hours begin at 30 minutes before sunrise, and end 20 minutes after sunset. My Optima would not turn on until 20 minutes into legal shooting hours... and as Murphy's Law prescribes... 5 minutes before it was bright enough to activate the dot on the overcast and snowy opening morning... three deer walked by at 20 yards. I don't know how it would've worked at 15 minutes or so after sunset, because by noon it was off the gun, and my 2x scope was back on and sighted in. The Optima is now on my wife's High Standard Victor.

Out of the three choices, I'd go with the Trijicon Reflex. It works without batteries... and in the low light first thing in the morning.
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