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One of my fondest moments was doing the obstacle course.

Our SDI told us that when we did the Slide for Life (the one rope over the water) that if anything fell our of our pockets we had to follow it.

Well I smuggled my wristwatch out of my footlocker that day and had it in my right cargo pocket where it wouldn't easily be seen. Of course you had to put your cover in your cargo pocket and I forgot to button both buttons. I was on the slide for life and started out on top of the rop and half way through our SDI would tell us to flip over and we had to go the rest of the way from under the rope.

When my SDI said flip I flipped and heard the dreaded "KERPLUNK" it was a big heavy Casio G-Shock. My SDI said "I don't know what that was Wills but you better follow it and you better not come up without it.

Well I was an active scuba diver in high school so I took a deep breath and dropped in and started looking for my watch. I knew there was going to be hell to pay if I came back up with it or if I didn't so I figured I might as well get my watch back. Being an active scuba diver and snorkeler I could hold my breath for quite a long time. Easily over 2 minutes.

I had been down there quite a while and the next thing I know I was being ripped from the water by my SDI.

"When I said don't come back without it I didn't mean kill yourself you idiot!"

"Sir, this recruit was just trying to find what he lost, sir!"

"And just what did you lose Wills?"

"Sir, (gulp) this recruit lost his watch, sir."

And that is when the crap hit the fan. I payed for that day. Oh boy did I ever pay.
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