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With all due respect to your opinion, most Ohio CCW holders are 'conservative' and I dare say Republican. Please do your research and see the candidates that the Ohio gun rights groups endorsed in the past elections for Ohio's highest offices!
Yes, we had a RINO, anti-gun rights Governor. Yes, change was begged by all Ohioans including the 'conservative' base. That Governor was out of step with his party and he knew it. The Republican candidate running (Ken Blackwell) was a true believer in 2nd Amendment rights and was the change for the party that we wished for.
I applaud the work of the Ohio gun rights groups for 2nd Amendment rights. But, I refuse to hand over any of my $$, or my time to anyone or any group that supports a Democrat on ONE ISSUE! Your post makes it quite obvious that many other Ohio CCW holders feel similar. We believe very strongly in our 2nd Amendment rights but we also can see the big picture of electing a Democrat on that lone issue. For your information, Governor Strickland has just endorsed Hilly Dilly Clinton! Now we will hold our breath in fear of her possible election and see if the spoken words of this Governor concerning the 2nd Amendment will stay true if that occurs. She would pressure him into worse than Taft ever was!
Please do not try to shame Ohioans for staying the course and refusing to back any group (with $$ or time) after they endorsed such a candidate when another choice was also at hand!

edited to add: We have many other ways we work for 2nd Amendment rights! It isn't only giving $$ and time to the registered gun-rights groups. I personally contact often, elected officials. I give my $$ and assistance (volunteer time) to those I know work for my rights (2A and all others). I make it a point to write and phone businesses that post no gun signs. I write letters to the editor. I do spend as much of my (personal) time and $$ as almost anyone else in Ohio can say they do. We as individuals can make great strides too. We do not have to assist any one organization to be effective.
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