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Originally Posted by Linda View Post
firedog, you need to check your facts Sir. BFA DID NOT endorse Strickland in either the primary or the general election. This is the 2nd time in one day you've said that, and it is untrue Sir.

As far as Strickland endorsing Hillary, of course it's disappointing, but certainly not a huge surprise now is it? Was going to be Obama or Hillary, as most Govs will be endorsing someone, won't they? After all, he is a Dem, and you didn't expect him to endorse Fred, Rudy, Mitt, Ron, Mike, etc, did you?

Thank you for what you are doing to support our 2nd Amendment Rights Sir.

Well now Linda, just a 2 minute check of BFA website turned this up. I might add that numerous other issues in that same 2 minute check were available for me to use to CORRECT YOU!
I have my facts straight, thank you very much! You're a BFA leader aren't you?

And yes, I did expect him to follow the Dem leadership if he became Governor. That's why you and some others were warned (on this site) at the time by me about endorsing a Dem. Those old threads (here) do not seem to be available since the change. I remember distinctly, saying he'll flop under the pressure of the party he must follow to get future consideration for Dem. endorsement or party $$. Seems my prediction is coming true.

Buckeye Firearms endorses Ted Strickland in Democratic Primary for Governor
Posted on Thursday, April 27 @ 14:30:20 EDT by cbaus

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By Jim Irvine

Buckeye Firearms Association is proud to endorse Ted Strickland for Governor of Ohio in the May 2 Democratic primary election.

Mr. Strickland grew up hunting in Appalachian Ohio. As a child he learned that guns are tools to put food on the table. As an adult he understands that concealed carry to protect your family is equally important.

Congressmen Strickland has been a consistent defender of our Second Amendment rights in Washington D.C. and deserves Democrats' support in the primary on May 2, 2006.

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Strickland Wins NRA Endorsement
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