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Originally Posted by firedog978 View Post
Well now Linda, just a 2 minute check of BFA website turned this up.

Buckeye Firearms endorses Ted Strickland in Democratic Primary for Governor
Posted on Thursday, April 27 @ 14:30:20 EDT by cbaus
If I recall correctly, BFA did not endorse either candidate in the general election for governor last year. In the primary, I believe they endorsed Strickland on the Democratic side because he had a pro gun voting record while he was in the US Congress. I do not remember who ran against Strickland in the primary; but I am fairly sure it was someone who was staunchly anti-gun. Criticizing a pro second amendment group for endorsing a candidate with a pro second amendment record, over someone who is against gun rights, in a primary seems rather disingenuous to me.

As I recall, BFA did not endorse one candidate over the other in the general election because it was believed that both Ted Strickland and Ken Blackwell would be pro gun rights governors.

I can see nothing wrong with what they did in terms of promoting pro second amendment candidates. Now if you are only concerned with partisan, party politics, then you might have a beef with an organization that endorsed pro gun democrats, such as, Marc Dann over anti gun republicans such as Betty Montgomery.

I believe that we will only see improvement from our elected officials when we as voting citizens begin casting our votes for the individual that we believe will best represent us and our beliefs and stop worrying about partisan, party politics. I have been a registered Republican since I voted for Ronald Reagan in the presidential primary of 1980, as a 17 year old who would be 18 by the general election. However, this did not stop me from voting for Zell Miller in a special election to fill the US Senate seat of Paul Coverdale, after he passed away in office, in 2000, while I lived in Metro Atlanta. Again, I voted for the individual that I believed best reflected my thoughts, beliefs and ideals, not a political party.
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