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Let me set something straight here before this gets more off base from my intent than it is now.
First, I did not attack BFA or Linda. I made the statement that Strickland was endorsed by BFA with a more viable candidate available (pro 2A). I believe I stated that I applaud the Ohio gun rights organizations and individuals for their efforts with 2A rights. I simply followed that with a request to see the entire picture and not just one issue when electing a Governor. I went on to explain the bigger picture by indicating the D next to Strickland was an affiliation to a party that also (historically speaking), calls for higher taxes, more welfare programs, big government, etc. I didn't attack anyone of you.
Second, yes Knight we have a good history and I too consider you a friend. I again applaud your work on 2A rights. But I just cannot agree with such an important thing as electing a Governor cannot take into account the bigger and entire picture. My point to Brian's post was that most of us Ohio CCW holders are not apathetic to working for or donating money to or volunteering time to our Ohio gun rights. We do have that ability to do so without supporting a self-confessed one issue organization. I find myself feeling like I must also consider the other aspects and repercussions of an election of someone to be just as important to me as an American (Ohioan) as my 2A considerations. Therefore, I cannot support with money or volunteered time the one issue organization that doesn't see the rest of the picture with so much else also at stake.
I never intended to make my posts look like I was attacking BFA or Linda. I apologize if I unintentionally had that occur. However, it was Linda that posted after me that BFA had not endorsed Strickland in the general election or the primary and I felt her scolding me for saying so. I of course had to post again and prove her wrong, as I knew she was. Perhaps that's where you thought I was attacking her?
Finaly, I do not wish to have anyone feel I am against an organization or an individual that supports Ohio gun rights (including Brian). But, I must explain to Brian and anyone else that felt his post was justified as to why many of us cannot and will not support actively with $$ and time a one issue fight. Furthermore, Brian was a bit harsh in his post to any and all that didn't join, donate or volunteer to BFA and the other organizations in Ohio. I'd say he deserved to be responded to and I did so. I did so in a way that made it clear as to why. That may have been taken as an attack on BFA which I never intended.
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