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Originally Posted by Linda View Post
firedog, you need to check your facts Sir. BFA DID NOT endorse Strickland in either the primary or the general election. This is the 2nd time in one day you've said that, and it is untrue Sir.

As far as Strickland endorsing Hillary, of course it's disappointing, but certainly not a huge surprise now is it? Was going to be Obama or Hillary, as most Govs will be endorsing someone, won't they? After all, he is a Dem, and you didn't expect him to endorse Fred, Rudy, Mitt, Ron, Mike, etc, did you?

Thank you for what you are doing to support our 2nd Amendment Rights Sir.
I expect him , Strickland, to put his money where his mouth is!! He says he supports gun rights, then he appoints Lee Fisher to be Lt. Governor. You mean to tell me he couldn't find anyone?? Just remember what Strickland is first and foremost, a politician. He is supporting Hillary to better himself, i.e. VP.

I believe the BFA is a great organization. I also believe there are many dedicated members who run the organization for most likely little monetary gain. For this I am proud to support you.

As a side note I also agree the article about he dead trooper was way OUT OF LINE. The trooper did not make OSHP policy and opinion on CCW. He merely died doing a job so few have the stones to do. May he RIP.
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