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Originally Posted by R.TOKER View Post
As a side note I also agree the article about he dead trooper was way OUT OF LINE. The trooper did not make OSHP policy and opinion on CCW. He merely died doing a job so few have the stones to do. May he RIP.
I still fail to see where BFA reporting about the trooper was un-appropriate. BFA did not make it up. At that time it already has been reported by AP (at least it is where I read it *before* BFA reported it).

I think, some people just cannot get over the fact, that LEO are human and sometimes make a mistake and/or a wrongful decision (or a bad apple gets through the system and ends up in the uniform with a gun and a badge - never happens?).

A few days ago Ohio News Network reported about a Columbus cop who was caught after hit-and-run, also with blood-alcohol level above the limit – if BFA reprints it, it also will be out of line?
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