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Originally Posted by SlickGlock View Post
I still fail to see where BFA reporting about the trooper was un-appropriate. BFA did not make it up. At that time it already has been reported by AP (at least it is where I read it *before* BFA reported it).

I think, some people just cannot get over the fact, that LEO are human and sometimes make a mistake and/or a wrongful decision (or a bad apple gets through the system and ends up in the uniform with a gun and a badge - never happens?).

A few days ago Ohio News Network reported about a Columbus cop who was caught after hit-and-run, also with blood-alcohol level above the limit if BFA reprints it, it also will be out of line?
He was not intoxicated!! End of story. The BFA jumped on this story to make headlines...period. The Trooper was killed along with is Sgt. in the same car. BFA took all their frustration with the OSHP on this one 27yr old Trooper. Funny how I posted this two days ago and noone from BFA, who I support, responded. Get up everyday, put on a vest, go to work and put your life on the line. I have for 8 yrs. have you????
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