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Originally Posted by R.TOKER View Post
He was not intoxicated!! End of story. The BFA jumped on this story to make headlines...period. The Trooper was killed along with is Sgt. in the same car. BFA took all their frustration with the OSHP on this one 27yr old Trooper. Funny how I posted this two days ago and noone from BFA, who I support, responded.
Again, first AP reported that story, not BFA. Did you complained to AP that they are way out of line? Keep in mind, that neither I nor BFA nor AP know what happened unless it was reported by OSHP. It was originally OSHP's own declaration about intoxication - did you also complained to OSHP about them being out of line?
Originally Posted by R.TOKER View Post
Get up everyday, put on a vest, go to work and put your life on the line. I have for 8 yrs. have you????
No, I haven't. However, I lived in places where just walking on the street could put your life on the line. Does it count? It is funny you brought it up when I mentioned that LEO are just normal people, and not a supreme privileged race... I guess you understand that your line of business has no bearing to what happened (unless you have some additional information about that particular story, which you do not), so there is no point to bring it up.
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