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I previously posted this in another forum and will share it here....

This isn't a I know a friend of a friend story. I know both of the officers and have heard the details of this shooting from both....

A close friend and nephew of mine (narc) were involved in a shoot out in a mall parking lot. The BG exited his car firing one shot from his Glock 22and missing.... My friend fired one shot from 25 feet away hitting the BG in the center of the chest (Glock 21 200gr Gold Dot JHP +P) the BG fell on his back. My nephew stood over the BG while he did the death rattle (2 gasps of air) and the bad guy never moved again until the corner rolled him over. When he did there was a 200 grain slug that had exited his back and was lying there on the asphalt.

Many law enforcement agencies have recently switched to the 357 Sig. If I ever have to get shot, and have a choice, I'd prefer the 9mm over the 357 Sig, 40 or 45...

and a few more....
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