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Originally Posted by cole View Post
If the head shot is the easy target for you, better for you to aim there to begin with. Aim for the very tip of the nose that way you can hit the brainstem.

However, I'm not that crack of a shot, so I'd go center mass personally. Under duress, given the choice of targeting an object the size of a cantelope or one that is the size of a basketball, I'll aim for the basketball.
The region of the chest/thoracic cavity which is likely to cause blood drop to the point of incapacitation in 5-10 seconds (with a good expanding JHP in .40, .45, or .357 Sig) is considerably smaller than a basketball. Think of a 4-6" diameter sphere centered in the chest basically comprised of the heart and lung tissue sufficiently close to the heart that it is rich in vascular tissue. Hitting someone in the lungs too far from the heart is likely to cause much slower bleeding and a long time until they lose enough blood. Of course, shots that hit low have a decent chance of hitting the liver, but optimal damage here depends on energy transfer and temporary cavitation.

There are a lot of shot locations in the thoracic cavity where there simply is not enough vascular tissue to cause a rapid (5-10 seconds) bleed out.

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