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CCP has been approved

Well it has taken a while but my CCP as been approved. The saga begins. I live in Guilford County and this is the process for concealed carry permits, I know some counties are easier does anyone have a longer process? Passed the cc class and then called for an APPOINTMENT to apply for a permit, the next time I could apply was 60 days out just to do the paper work! Paper work done 9/26/07. Today 11/28/07 I called and I have been approved the permit has been ORDERED and as soon as the sheriff has signed it they will call me. So that's 60 days to get an appointment to do the paper work, 60 days to check me out and probably a week for the sheriff to get around to signing it. I was told when I did the paperwork to figure 75 days so I guess they were about right. What's your story.
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