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Originally Posted by deadday View Post
So you're a TWAT now? Unfortunately, none of those questions can be answered with at least a general destination. That country has plains, urban areas, mountains that would make a billy goat scared, gently rolling hills, etc. etc. Weather could be 90* on your COB/FOB, then -10* when you get off the bird. I'd imagine the living accomodations would vary much the same as Iraq, you've got your large, cush areas with all the ammenities, your in betweens, and then the out in the middle of nowhere, far from friends sandbag villas...If you'd like I can try and get you some contact info on guys that are just recently back either by way of injury or DEROS....

Yep, I'm a TWAT.

Yeah, we certainly saw a lot of variety in base accomodations... No phone, internet, air conditioning, or any of the other nice stuff folks take for granted for the first part of our tour, then we went to a base with KBR chow, a giant MWR tent, and all the rest. At the first sector, they attacked most patrols with IEDs, and in the second sector, we didn't have any action at all.

I'm interested in any generalities though like "Afghanistan doesn't have big mega-bases where you can get away" or "Afghanistan doesn't have highways like Route Tampa and most of the secondary roads aren't in good shape" or "the weather can be 50 degrees cooler in the mountains than down in the valleys."

And, I'm interested in specifics like "Up in the mountains in the XXX part of the country, the locals were pretty friendly so long as we left alone their poppy fields" or "There was snow on the ground for most of the year in XXX and it got down to -20." or "In XXX, most of the patrols are done on foot and inserted by Chinook helocopter."

I'm not looking for an encyclopedia on the country - it's just that I'm starting out with SO little knowledge that it's hard to even categorize info when I get it. They haven't told us what part of the country we might deploy to, and when they tell us, the info will probably be wrong. Our commanders scouted out our sector in Iraq at least 6 months before we headed over, but they kept talking about some other base until a few hours before we started our movement.

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