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Originally Posted by GSXRanger View Post

Although I really concur with knowledge sharing... Please, PLEASE pay attention to OPSEC. After all... this IS the internet, and this is an open forum.

That is all.
I agree absolutely, but I think Deadday managed to give a lot of info without saying anything he shouldn't have. I really appreciate his post.

Here's a few more questions. Most of the Iraqis we encountered couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with their AKs. They'd just point them in the approximate direction and shoot. It was Allah's will whether the rounds actually hit anything. Often, in combat, they'd do "death blossoms" where they'd just fire their weapons in a complete 360, no matter if there were other units nearby.

Similarly, if they fell asleep on guard duty and got slaughtered - inshallah (God Wills It). To a certain extent, they didn't believe they were responsible for their own actions.

Can the Afghans shoot?
Are they fatalists?
Are firefights a high percentage of the action over there?

And, about the weather:

Just how cold does it get up in the mountains?
Is your army gear sufficient to keep you warm?
How much nicer is it in the non-mountains?
What about the weather in the summer?

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