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According to the latest press release, we will "concentrate on training Afghan National Security Forces." We spent a lot of time with the Iraqi Army, so I guess it'll be somewhat similar.

Some guys were cowards and would run at the first sign of danger. We once drove past a checkpoint where an Iraqi Army soldier flagged us down. There were supposed to be 12 guys manning the checkpoint, but they had heard that the insurgents planned to attack them. 10 of them took off their uniforms and fled, but the last 2 decided to stay. They gathered every machinegun, rifle, grenade, and ammo crate, determined to fight to the death, but they were extremely relieved to see us.

The Iraqis would refuse to wear their body armor on guard duty, and they would often go to sleep. When asked where their rifles were, they'd have to wander around looking for them... However, when one of their outposts was attacked, every Iraqi within shouting range would run out and jump on the Bongo trucks to charge into battle all revved up and ready to kill the enemy. They got out the gate faster than our units did, usually.

Needless to say, they were extremely frustrating to deal with. We'd be in awe of an Iraqi soldier (both for bravery and stupidity) that would singlehandedly rush into a 3-story house after fleeing insurgents and capture them by himself, then we'd catch a translator lieing to us and trying to get us killed. We'd see guys that were incredible and then those that were the dregs of humanity, and we never quite knew what to expect.

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