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Originally Posted by Biscuitsjam View Post
I agree absolutely, but I think Deadday managed to give a lot of info without saying anything he shouldn't have. I really appreciate his post.

Here's a few more questions. Most of the Iraqis we encountered couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with their AKs. They'd just point them in the approximate direction and shoot. It was Allah's will whether the rounds actually hit anything. Often, in combat, they'd do "death blossoms" where they'd just fire their weapons in a complete 360, no matter if there were other units nearby.
While they are not exactly Kentucky riflemen, the average Afghan is a decent shot, they've been practicing for the last few centuries...I've seen children that could outshoot a couple soldiers with their AKs....As far as the 'death blossom', I never saw it happen, but that's just my AO...
Similarly, if they fell asleep on guard duty and got slaughtered - inshallah (God Wills It). To a certain extent, they didn't believe they were responsible for their own actions.
Again, I didn't see much of this, but the problem you will encounter are some flat out refusals to mobilize or fight in certain areas, against certain people, etc, according to tribal and family ties..

Can the Afghans shoot?Yes and no, see above
Are they fatalists?In that they will happily pack their trunks with C4 and ram your vehicle, yes.
Are firefights a high percentage of the action over there?Very dependant on AO

And, about the weather:

Just how cold does it get up in the mountains?Sub zero with nasty winds
Is your army gear sufficient to keep you warm?Fore the most part, yes. Your bear suit and gore-tex pants will be worth 100x their weight in gold
How much nicer is it in the non-mountains?Beautiful climate, not very humid, temperate is some zones, searing heat in others
What about the weather in the summer?See above
Some more tidbits:
-if you smoke/dip/chew make sure your favorite products are regularly included in packages from home. If you are in a remote AO, the shoppette/trailer will run out regularly for indeterminable amounts of time and the hadji cigarettes, aside from the obvious safety issues (heard of a handful of cases where soldiers were sold cigarettes laced with various poisons), they taste like ****

-not sure about your previous Army time, but if you have any issues operating with females, get over them quickly. You WILL have female medics with you during village calls, soft knocks, TCPs, etc. The Afghan is VERY protective of their women and would rather shoot it out with your party than allow a male to search one. You will also encounter female EOD types for the same reasons, as well as for searching female living quarters.

-on jewelry, watches, chains, wedding bands, don't bring them. Replace them with something very simple, utilitarian. The Afghan, as I mentioned is horribly impoverished, and while an honor bound society, they will steal to feed their family. Beyond that, it can create some hardships when dealing with Afghan civs, ANGs, APs. They will develop the feeling that you are rich, a caste above them, not to be trusted, etc.

-Not sure if it was you or another poster in the machine gun thread that mentioned having to use British ammunition and having issues with it. This IS a problem as well with ISAF taking over more and more. Make sure you know what you are feeding your weapon and adjust accordingly.

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