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Originally Posted by mikeg81 View Post
Care to back that up, bud?


Afganistan 2006-2007
Canada Task Force 3-06 Battle Group
E Battery, C Troop (M777 by the way)

If I had a way to back it up, I would've done more than complain about it on an internet forum.... For what it's worth, my next post was going to be regarding the Canadian and British forces I encountered, they were incredible guys to know, and from what I saw a very competent fighting force. That comment was directed towards other members of the ISAF contingent, I'm sure you saw it as well. I can't remember which countries off the top of my head, but I'll find the list of those that have completely unarmed delegations over there.


ETA-Hey, do the Canadian troops really get a beer ration? We heard that several times, but the guys would just laugh and say maybe when we asked them

Edit again TA- I realize I left the Canadian forces out when I gave the 90% number and I appologize for that. It should read 90% of the non-American/British/Canadian forces....
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