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Originally Posted by deadday View Post
If I had a way to back it up, I would've done more than complain about it on an internet forum.... For what it's worth, my next post was going to be regarding the Canadian and British forces I encountered, they were incredible guys to know, and from what I saw a very competent fighting force. That comment was directed towards other members of the ISAF contingent, I'm sure you saw it as well. I can't remember which countries off the top of my head, but I'll find the list of those that have completely unarmed delegations over there.


ETA-Hey, do the Canadian troops really get a beer ration? We heard that several times, but the guys would just laugh and say maybe when we asked them

Edit again TA- I realize I left the Canadian forces out when I gave the 90% number and I appologize for that. It should read 90% of the non-American/British/Canadian forces....
Fair enough...

Yup, we do get a beer ration. When my Troop came in after Op Medusa, we had pizza and 2 king cans each(Molson Canadian, Labatts Blue or Keiths). You have to sign for them. Each unit over there had beer calls every so often. I did 3 of them. 2 can max. Does wonders for morale, and from what I've heard, there haven't been any problems.

Mind you, the KAF Rats got more than us Battlegroup guys, but I'd still rather be outside the wire than spend my whole tour in that s**thole.
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