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Originally Posted by CentralMsGunFan View Post
I have never been to a gun gun shows, do you get awesome deals? or is it really just a place to go and drool over everything.
You can drool but mostly you will exclaim, "Dang. I can buy brand new guns from a friendly FFL guy a lots cheaper than anything I see here."

Used to be that you could find lots of private sales and some good deals.

Mostly that has gone away and you only see retail dealers selling stuff.

And lots of books, camo clothing, tree stands, knives, coins, jewelry, and other non-gun stuff.

Occasionaly, you find someone selling ammo, but those deals are not so great any more.

Oh, and in Jackson you will see small groups of gold wearing gangstas with a wad of cash shopping for a TEC-9 at the handgun tables.

Still, on a slow Saturday when college football is over, it is cheap entertainment.

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