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In KAF the Dutch and Brits had wet messes. Of course, signs posted on them that if any Canadian soldier was caught in one, said soldier would be sent home. I'm guessing that would be the same for you guys...?

Back on topic...

Where is the American AO? I saw alot of 10 Mtn Div at the start of my tour, then 82 Airborne at the end.

I should amend what I said about Kandahar Airfield. It was OK to be back there for a bit. Getting a B.K. Whopper was nice break from the rations, and I prefered your PX Greenbeans to the Tim Hortons coffee(I don't even drink Timmies back here in Canada). I still prefered to be out in the FOB where our guns were at. Once we got established there, more stuff got shipped out; Sat-phone, internet, showers, field kitchen.

Guess it all has to do with where you go/how long you are going to be there.

The ANA I saw were pretty eager to learn. We would let the search the locals(under supervision, of course). One group was pretty jumpy...I saw them use an RPG for a warning shot.

I don't trust the ANP as far as I can shoot.
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