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Originally Posted by NoloContendere View Post
yo! I'll definitely try to make it. lemme know when you're heading up here, and maybe we can meet up while there. If this show is like past, I might need some backup!
Sorry, I was not sure when I would go.

I went Saturday afternoon. Wife went with me (unusual!)

It was a better-than-usual gun show. More guns than books, camo, jewelry, knives, and junk. Many of the guns seemed to be deer rifles and shotguns, but plenty of others, too.

A Coke is $3.00 so drink before you go. Admission was $7.00 as I recall.

I picked up a Lula loader and some ammo. Ammo is high and going higher according to the folks selling it.

I heard lots of comments about how bad things will get "when Hillary gets in the White House."

Conservatives have faith in individuals; liberals put their faith in the government.
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