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January 1982.

I had just gotten off work and was walking up to my apartment door (2nd floor standing at my door entry) at about 1:00 AM. I had watched this suspicious looking vehicle driving up and down the road in front of my apartment with lights off after i had gotten off the bus. With street lights and a light snow falling, it was fairly "bright" outside for 1:00 AM. The car pulls up in front of my apartment, driver window opens, and a series of gun shots go off--with the brilliant flames! The "perp" emptied his pistol into the big living room window of the apartment across the street. Seems he didn't like his estranged wife living with her new boyfriend!. Car quietly drives off; no one injured but glass was all over her and in the living room. She was watching televison, and had fallen asleep on the sofa inches below the window and woke up with glass shattering all over her. Good thing she didn't pop up at the sound of the breaking glass until the weapon was unloaded.

I called the police immediately and they met with me, took my statement, and picked up the empty casings from the light snow that had fallen. By my description of the car--and their interview with the estranged wife--they quickly located the perp, took him to jail, and confiscated his pistol. SHE REFUSED TO PRESS CHARGES and left the apartment within hours--for good! Never came back.

I came home the next night believing that this perp is in jail. NO. He had been released--and while reading the newspaper in my apartment, I see MY FULL LEGAL NAME, AGE, and APARTMENT ADDRESS posted as the one who reported the shooting. They published the estranged wife's name and address in the article also, but DID NOT put the *@#%$!& perp's name in the paper. I have NO IDEA what the perp looks like, his name, or his address. I am sitting in my living room reading this and believe that I have just become the target for this nutcase--with no weapon at my disposal, not even a baseball bat. Maybe a kitchen butter knife and a half-empty mik jug. *@#%$!& INCREDIBLE.

I went to the newspaper when they opened in the morning and asked why MY NAME and ADDRESS were published? I was FURIOUS. They said with the deer in the headlights look . . . "We just took the information from the police report and we just wanted to show what a GOOD CITIZEN I was. Everything will be OK."

I went to talk to the police. They were not much better--"You demonstrated that you were a "model citizen" to report the shooting." I told them right there that this "model citizen" was going out to purchase a weapon and within one hour I would be armed to protect myself! Probably not the smartest thing I ever said, but I do believe that the police officer that I talked too was a little sympathetic. He read the article and appeared to be a little upset as well.

I immediately went to my local gun store and bought a brand new royal blue Colt Python with 8 inch barrel (.357 Magnum), several hundred rounds of ammo, and stoked it with 158 grain hollow points after a day of shooting at the gun range.

Never did hear from the perp or anyone else.

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