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Nearly was a victim to a forced home invasion by 2 African-american individuals in a white suburban middle-class neighborhood when I was 10 years old with just my grandma at home. Almost busted down the door, but left after pleading with them to go and we werent going to open the door but call the cops. :rolleyes:

A more recent event that happened right after I got my first handgun (no carry license yet) was I went to visit my mom who just moved up to a surrounding city near Atlanta, GA, pretty urban, malls, new construction, etc. Went to get some gas with her, fill up her tank, and a 82 busted darktint chrysler with out of state tags pulls up , 25 yr old white thug guy driving and same age african-american buddy in the passenger seat. They stop perpendicular right in front of my mom's car while I'm filling it up. Passenger smiling at us the whole time, white guy opens the door and starts to get out, but then 3 customers walk out of the store area and he just gets back in and drives off. They circle us and leave, but the whole time the hairs on back of my neck were up and i just had that gut feeling that I would of had to shoot and wished I had my gun on me instead of in my car in a holster.

Carry at all times, be vigilant, don't care who ridicules you the fact you carry, what you carry, how much you carry, and anything involving your safety or self-defense. These people don't understand because they've never been in a situation where there was imminent grave danger to themselves or their family around them by others they do not know or even acquaintances.
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