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Can't CCW here.
But if I could...the defining moment would have been...

I was about 19 at the time...
A woman my dad is currently about to marry and has loved for a while, when she was with her ex-husband he beat her severely. Her sons beat her too. And I think her daughter.
So my dad took her in.

Anyway ex-hubby didn't like that. Neither did abusive kids. So they started coming around. Yelling into the windows. Threatening to kill us, etc. Her ex-husband threatened to shoot my dad.

We called the po-lice. What did they say?
"Oh well...if someone threatens to kill you, they probably won't actually do it."
I am not making it up, I heard it with my own two ears.

It takes police 12 minutes or so to respond to the highest-priority call in my city. No lie.
But they were just bored with the story and my dad and his girlfriend all upset and shaken up.

I had people in my yard in the middle of the night who jumped the fence. The police didn't give a damn.

If the cops are not gonna protect me, my own police officer is my 870.
"Learning to shoot with a Glock is like learning to drive with a car with a smashed windshield and two flat tires."
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