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Originally Posted by gviles View Post
I started to carry because a couple of years ago, I was hanging out talking to some friends in a parking lot late at night. We were approached my a couple of guys, all was fine until they both pulled out there pistols (.38 snubbies, I think). The made us line up and lay on the ground. In my mind it was going to be execution style. The guys hands were shaking so much, I thought we were going to get shot because of an AD. Long story short, they just wanted our cars. Luckily they did not take mine (they could not drive a manual transmission). Sucked to be the friends who had automatics.

Since then, my first wife was NOT for CCW. My new wife is all for it!!!! As a matter of fact she also has her CCW permit and carries a Beretta Tomcat. She thinks the Glock is to bulky for her. So, it took me awhile to get the CCW permit, but I have it now and I almost NEVER leave home without it.

Before I get hammered on this..........I was alot younger then and I realize now that I should NEVER have put myself in that position. There was no reason to be hanging out in a parking lot late at night. NOTHING good every comes from stuff like that!!! I am just glad I am here telling my story.
I don't know if you're still reading this thread, but in hindsight, if you were in that situation again, would you have obeyed? You were lucky, but in general the thought of just laying there and letting myself be executed ... just, no.
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