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Dang it, yet another similarity between that book and mine. Never read it either. I was recently talking to a co-worker about that one though.

I am not in the position to defend said author. I will say, just because some authors transpose their own views onto their characters this does not mean all do. Guilt by association?

I think it more likely this happens with protagonists than antagonists. And even with the protagonists, sometimes in the effort to portray a 'flawed' character, some things are not necessarily the author's own views.

Concerning cannibals, I guess I threw in the obligatory cannibal scene into my book. The question is, did they kill the people they ate or did they come across 'roadkill'? I think it matters.

In the absence of courts, what do you do? Let murderers go? Jails are a luxury of civilized society, if you are already starving yourself, do you house and feed prisioners? Not likely.

I imagine in an EOTWAWKI scenario, capital punishment would be both swift and common. Born of necessity rather than arrogance.

Of course, in the case of my characters feeding the cannibal to the pig, well...maybe I did go over the top a little. But, dang it, it fit the personalities of the characters who did it.
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