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It was 14 years ago and I was standing in a friends front yard at about 10 PM one night chatting with a couple friends. We were just standing out there smoking a cigarette when a neighbor of his came down the road in a very nice camaro, so obviously we were checking out his car as any 20 year old kid would have done. So this guy pulls into the house about 5 houses down and gets out of his car and just stares at us for a couple of minutes like we had done something wrong to him and he was obviously very drunk. Finally he went in his house and we thought that was the end of it. about five minutes later he came walking down the sidewalk toward us with a pint of whiskey in his hand. When he walked up he was just talking to us and drinking the whiskey. This guy was really loaded. My one friend decided to leave and as he was pulling out of the driveway this guy pulled a S&W 10mm auto out of his waistband. My buddy drove away and I was not sure if he saw it or not. So about this time myself and my other buddy went to go inside and that is when he totally changed. He would not let us leave and he kept pointing his pistol at us threatening us and taunting us saying if I didnt have this you guys would kick my ass huh! Well at the time we were all 19 and 20 year old kids so none of us had a cell phone and it turned out my friend that left did see what happened and drove straight to the local police station which was about 10 blocks away. After about 40 minutes of being with this guy and not sure what to do we saw our friends car pull up down the road and a police car pull in behind it with their lights off. This idiot was getting crazier each time he took a swig from his bottle, he had almost finished a pint just standing there with us. I was hoping that the bad guy would not see it but he did and got real scared. He went and hid his pistol in the bushes and me and my buddy were getting ready to tear him apart when black clad figures started coming out of back yards all around us. They put us all on the ground until sorting it out. As soon as they let us up I showed one of the officers where the pistol was hidden. He picked it up, dropped the mag out, racked the slide and a hollowpoint came out of the chamber. That is when I asked him what caliber it was and he showed it to me. Any how the neighbor was charged with a concealed weapon charge and I think agg assault with a firearm, we had to all go down to the police station and make statements they recorded to use in court. Ever since that when I turned 21 I obtained a CWP and carried a weapon, it was a real eye opener.
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