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I was 16 and a buddy and I were swimming in some old quarries after strinning fence for his dad one summer, there were 3 couples already there (suits not required in the late 60s & early 70's). 3 rednecks with a single shot 12 ga showed up and harrased us for about 45 min, made the girls do jumping jacks etc, butt stroked one of the boy friends when he objected. They finnally got scared off when they thought they heard someone coming.

I swore that day no man would ever lord over me like that again, next pay day my buddy and I each bought M-1 carbines and carried them every time we went to the quarries. Fortuanatly we never enountered our "friends" again.

I applied for my CCW the day I turned 21, and was pissed to find out that in Indiana I could have gotten it at 18. I have carried almost every day since (30+ years) and have had a couple occasions to show I was armed.

With all the crazyness going on today I NEVER leave home unarmedand do not spend any $$$$ with places that post.
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