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I broke down in the bad part of town one time, and some very suspicious characters were taking a keen interest in my situation. I only had a knife on me. I decided from then out I never wanted to be in a situation where a group of thugs had the upper hand over me because I wasn't armed.

I was also followed around once by a blazer packed with guys who were out for blood, for some reason or other over a girl. I had never met any of them before. I drove to the police station as I was running out of gas and I told the person at the window what was going on, and that the guys were parked on the street waiting for me, and they would do nothing, not so much as telling them to shoo. So I just waited in the PD, waited and waited, and finally they left. I went to get gas, didn't see them again, and decided again that I would never be underarmed. Made a point to have a gun on me somehow even though I wasn't of legal age to carry from then on. I didn't break the law, but I had a trunk gun until I could get my concealed carry license. Now I make a habit to carry enough ammunition to handle groups of people like the ones that threatened me before.
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