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Originally Posted by hjery View Post
It is not hard to shoot someone in the head at close range.Im not talking about long range shots and also not talking about shooting people in the face just the head.
Originally Posted by REC View Post
If you actually see the Miami shootout details, you will find out the two hits actually took Maddox out of the fight (even though they did not kill him immediately, he definitely was not a factor in the fight--Platt did all the damage).
Whats wrong with you people! Im talking about head shots at close range in a self defense situation when shooting them in the chest doesn't stop them. Of course shooting someone in the face would not stop them. Im talking about the HEAD not the face.
And you guys are saying stupid stuff about shooting in a certain part of the head in order to kill and that it is hard to shoot someone in the head and all that other crap. Shooting someone in the head would stop anyone.Come on people If you can't shoot someone in the head at close range then maybe you shouldn't own a gun or maybe have either your eyes or your gun sights checked.
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