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A few weeks ago, I was coming home from work it was kinda late, I realized I needed gas, so I stopped at the local gas station, Generally I am pretty careful about where and when I stop for gas, I knew it was late, but I figured the neighborhood was ok.
While filling up, I noticed two guys circling my truck, both guys were fairly big guys, about young 20's, looking all gansta like..
I noticed this right away...I found it odd the would walk around the truck, looking in the windows on the passenger doors, walking back around me...then stopping in front of me about 25 ft or so, one guy maked as if he is going in to the store, he enters, then comes out the other door, at this time, the guy who was outside still, makes his way closer, and the other guy flanks me...All of this was taking place rather quickly, In less time it takes to put 15 gallons of gas in the truck.. these guys cased me, and started to make a move.
It was at this time, I went from concealed carry to Open Carry...
I made it no secert at this time I was armed.
Being a Little guy, with a full size 45....must have looked like a Cannon to them, becuase once he saw it, his eyes got huge, then he backed off, signaling to his friend to move away.

I was pretty wired after that, my heart was racing, like I just got a shot of adrenaline...
I have no doubt... That my carring is prevented me from being a statistic.

Now I carry every where I go...I figure it will be some crap luck, I will relax once, and not carry, and it will be a time where I wished I did.
Awesome situational awareness (and your .45) probably saved your life.
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