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Originally Posted by sandhiller View Post
Pelts haven't been worth much for quite a few years now. We mainly shoot 'em because they are a nuisance and I lose some calves to 'em every year. We have a few guys that still run hounds but it's mainly call 'em in or drive around until you see one. Still a good way to spend an afternoon! BTW mange seems to be especially hard on them this year. My youngest found one about 20 yards from the house in the stackyard.
Yeah...this one came to my treestand (our house has a walkout basement and is supposed to have a deck but doesnt, so the door to the non-existent deck is my treestand) He was headed toward our ducks on our pond. He was actually very healthy looking, no mange, and plump...shouldn't have been hungry but made the mistake to look for a snack.

That is why we shoot them here too, not for the pelts. I tried to skin this one but am not too skilled with the knife and made too many cut-ins and gave up on it.

My dad used to run greyhounds to catch coyote's and always tells stories about how his favorite dog died chasing a coyote and didn't see a barbed wire fence coming and he close-lined himself breaking his neck. Running dogs seems fun...but would hate to lose a dog this way.
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