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Originally Posted by bangelo View Post
The PT requirements sucks. Thats for sure. But I got a real problem with the PT on the new EPRs.

EPR's are another item that needs to be revamped totally. Why if you meet AF standards are you penalized by not recieving max points (basically penalized for meeting standards). All it takes is one knuckle head supervisor that has a belief he/her is enlightend and you are screwed. (how many supervisors have you met that are just a shinning example of poster child. never a bad day almost like Al Gore making decions that "agree" with the masses or how he/she thinks will make them shine instead of whats right).
After 21 years I believe you should either pass/fail the PT test and as far as EPR's either you meet standards or you don't. If you want that many more points toward testing get an award or decoration wrote. (which awards have become political too but it's a start).
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