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HA decorations, they hand them out like candy im my squadron. Call me a dirt bag all you want, but I hate being put in for awards. "you dont have enough volunteer stuff for this award I want to put in for you" Well I didnt join the AF to volunteer for crap, yea it might be bad in taste on my part for not wanting to voluntarily clean a house of a members home that is deployed so his wife wont have her kids taken away by social services because there are used condoms, cat fices and dead rats on the floor. Call me a dirt bag because I dont want to clean up after a retirement ceremony, call me a dirt bag because I dont want to help you move your crap out of your house because your a lazy fat man and cant lift a small TV. I honestly didnt know half of my job was to volunteer for stuff all the time. I probably would have stuck it out at my current job before I joined.

Sorry for the rant, just the way I feel. Love my job, but hate the other stuff. Im out in 4 months anyway. Oh yea, the story about the wife with the kids really happened and it was the most disgusting house I have ever seen in my life. We all wanted SS to take away her kids because she doesnt deserve them. She was a nasty, NASTY woman.
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