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Good advice by Allman You don't want it to touch anything because it will mess your finish up. The smell is not bad so you should be Okay with the Mrs. I have done many other guns also: AK47, Desert Eagle slide, Tech 9, couple of shotguns...ect. You can try the steel wool but I would use a rough sandpaper 100 or 150 grit and very lightly go over the surface, go against the grain or in circles. You don't want to remove any metal. If the receiver is aluminum don't sand the surface because you need the top harder layer. I would leave the pins blue but you can coat the outside of them if you think it will look better. Practice on some metal before you start. You have plenty of paint. Turn the can upside down and spray air to clear the nuzzle and store it inside when you are finished and you will able to use it again later on. I wouldn't bake it any longer than 2 hours on 400. The temp needs to be around 70 degrees or above in the area you paint in. Good Luck and post pictures when you are through.

This would be an excellent finish for anyone wanting to refinish a Glock Slide. Just remove the plastic sights. It will look like a new gun.


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