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FWIW, I tried this stuff out last night, Not on a firearm but as a test on a barrel vise I had just made and was contemplating descaling and bluing. Seemed like it would be a lot less trouble to just paint it with this and it should both be exposed to heavy duty use test and an example of what to expect in appearance.

I've got to admit I'm impressed with both the ease and the result. It looks great with a very low luster flat appearance and seems (at least so far) to be quite tough and at least comparable to any gun finish I've used. It went on over the scale (unfinished) part of the vise quite well although the surface imperfections can obviously be seen and looks as good as many commercial steel products I've seen coming from a real factory. The finish on the milled and bored surfaces looks really beautiful and did not take anything but degreasing to get a truly fine application (no rough surfacing).

I can't believe how easy this is to put on, it's several notches easier than Duracoat to apply and Duracoat is really easy. I set my oven to temp and it came out about 430 and I didn't feel like adjusting it so I baked it at that for an hour and a half (only being a barrel vise and the paint rated at 1200 degrees I didn't care to be that accurate). This stuff gives a beautiful, even, smooth and run free surface with absolutely no special care. The baking odor isn't all that bad and doesn't seem to smell up the oven after baking, but the spraying is something that should really be done outdoors, in a garage or shop, or in a very well ventilated area (don't use your kitchen even if it's the only warm area handy, trust me on this).

Some of the other colors look interesting (blue and aluminum), I might try them on something. I'm thinking of doing a little .25 Tanfoglio I have that is finish worn (don't really use it anymore, no mice left) with the slide in this and the frame in Duracoat or Durabake to see how the two compare, side by side, wear wise.

Thanks for the information on this, I would never have thought of it without your post.
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